What is C-16 in Breathe 2 ? (Breathe Into The Shadows Ending Explained)

Everyone seems curious to know about the mystery of C-16 in Breathe 2 season’s last episode.

Now a days it has become trend to leave audience in thinking mode after the final episode of the web-series be it Sacred games, Asur or the latest one from Amazon prime which is Breatheinto the shadows.

C-16 in breathe 2 into the shadows
what is c 16 in breathe into the shadows?
c16 in breathe into the shadows

Spoilers Ahead

If you haven’t watched the show probably you would like to watch it first to find out what is C-16 in Breathe – into the shadows. If you already have, then these spoilers wouldn’t be a problem now.

The show features Abhishek Bachchan as Dr Avinash Sabharwal, a psychiatrist who is married to Nithya Menen’s character. In the show, their daughter (Siya) gets kidnapped and the kidnapper demands an unusual ransom.

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He wants Avinash and his wife to kill people with 10 different emotions as depicted by 10 heads of Ravana from famous Hindu mythology book Ramayana.

Kidnapper is nothing but the split personality of Bachchan’s character (Avinash) and calls himself as ‘J’. So it was obvious that Bachchan’s character suffers from mental trauma, which is commonly known as Split Personality Disorder. The second personality which is ‘J’ resides in one part of Avinash’s brain.

Mr. J is quite violent as opposite to Avinash. He walks with a limp and is set on targeting those who have caused him pain when he was young. Mr. J maintains a list of names that he desperately needs to strike off and uses Dr Avinash and his wife for this goal. So to make this possible he kidnaps their daughter.

In the last episode of the second season, he gets captured by the police and is kept in a mental hospital. In one scene, Bachchan’s character is visited by his wife, where he tells her that Mr J is gone now and has not surfaced in over a year.

But in another scene, Saiyami Kher visits him and there Avinash shares with her a piece of paper and she promised to help him.

C-16 code on the paper at the ending

What amazed the audience is the name of the final episode which is C-16. Nothing was talked about it in the whole episode except in the final moment when J shares some paper with character of Saiyami Kher (Shirley).

After that we see Mr. J on the stage and audience cheering for him and show ends there. So what was C-16 code written on the paper ?

Well, there are numerous deductions about this, some people are saying it is a kind of some drug that helps you in logical reasoning thus helps J to take more control over Avinash’s body. But I think this can’t be possible, as C-16 is a medicine for sure but not to boost logical thinking. Here is what I found about C-16 in medical terms:

Cefprozil (C-16) is used in the treatment of bladder infection; bronchitis; kidney infections; otitis media; pneumonia and belongs to the drug class second generation cephalosporins. There is no proven risk in humans during pregnancy.

So C-16 was anything but not a drug to boost logical reasoning for sure.

Well according to me the best way to decode C-16 in the final episode of Breathe 2 is to re call the final scenes. The director has clearly given enough clues even though they were not too loud.

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It is clear that Mr. J shares a great bond with Saiyami Kher’s character Shirley when they were sitting on a bench in the second last scene of the final episode.

Mr. J then shares a piece of paper a text information C-16 was written on it and same is the title of the final episode as well. Shirley tells him that she would do it for him so we can deduce that Mr. J is now operating with the help of Shirley.

In the very next scene we see that Mr. J is approaching the stage and the audience gets a lot of camera footage. I would like to pause here for a while and give you guys a little time to solve this by yourselves. Be honest (please) and take 30 seconds and if you cracked it, comment below.

Still couldn’t guess it ?

Enough of riddles now, C-16 is basically the chair number of one of the spectators in the audience who has come to watch the show where Mr. J is performing. And Mr. J has planned to kill that person with the help of Shirley.

So basically in this series Mr. J managed to kill based on three emotions and during the killing of fourth one the show comes to an end. We might be having the next season where Mr. J will be trying to kill all the remaining targets and it would be interesting to watch the twists and turns it would take while story proceeds.

C-16 was deliberately shown as a puzzle in the end to provoke the logical thinking and to become talk of the town. And they have succeeded in doing so it seems.

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How did you feel about my deduction of C-16 in Breathe 2 web series? If you have any questions or any other deductions of C-16, please comment below. I would love to hear from you guys.

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  1. c-16 might be the seat no. in the theatre/hall of mental asylum where the last function is held. it’s for escape or seat no. of next. victim


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