Best Portable Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 10,000/-

If you are landed up here, probably you are looking for best portable Bluetooth speakers under Rs 10,000 in India.

I am one of those who like to put music for almost every mood whenever possible. And this is the case with most of the music lovers.

Few years back it was not possible as we had a fixed setup in some corner of the house. Then smart phones came up and made possible to access music conveniently. However it’s nowhere close when it comes to listening experience on a speaker.

Looking at the expectations of music enthusiasts Bluetooth was incorporated in speakers and then these speakers were made portable. They can actually go inside your tiny handbag.

You can literally take them anywhere you want. Be it trekking, hiking, traveling or even for a small house party or late night listening, these portable Bluetooth speakers are very convenient to use.

And seeing it’s never ending popularity multiple brands started a race to capture this market. Thanks to the technology evolving at rate faster than never before, we have a good range of portable speakers loaded with premium features.

While looking at the features it’s quite important to give priority to Bluetooth connectivity, Sound quality and battery back up.

While we are talking about the specific price range here for our portable speaker, it’s evident that there are numerous options available in the market. It becomes hard for a consumer to use the right product as per budget.

Well we have a good news for you, we have done the hard part and prepared a list of best sounding Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 10,000/- in India.

7 Best Portable Bluetooth speakers under 10,000/- in India 2021 [Review & Comparison]

1. Bose Sound Link Micro
2. JBL Flip 5
3. Sony SRS-XB30
4. Anker Soundcore
5. 1MORE Portable Bluetooth Speaker
6. Ultimate Ears Boom 2
7. Sony SRS-XB32

1. Bose Sound Link Micro

  • Crisp balanced Sound
  • Mic for calls
  • 6 hours of playback time
  • Voice access to Siri/Google
  • Tear-resistant strap
  • 30 Feet Bluetooth range
  • Water Proof (IPX7)
  • 290 gm
  • 1 year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Trusted Brand

In early 1960s Amar G. Bose invented Bose speakers based on psycho-acoustics. There was no look back then.

Bose needs no introduction when it comes to choosing a sound device. It’s the market leader even in Bluetooth portable speakers now.

With a very practical design and unmatched sound, Bose Sound Link Micro has found the first place in our list of best wireless speakers under 10000/- in India.

Sound Quality
Sound is best in it’s class here. For it’s size it produces a great bass effect and other elements of frequencies are taken care of very well.

You get to listen all the instruments in the song very clearly.

Build & Design
The size is very practical. You can literally carry this speaker anywhere with ease.

The tear-resistant strap is a bonus when trekking or hiking. It is very useful while travelling.

It’s water and dust proof. Even it can withstand minor shocks and rough surfaces.

The color options provided by Bose look very nice.

The inbuild mic is a great feature. You can pick your call and from phone and continue with Bose Sound Link Micro

One full charge gives you 6-8 hours of playback time. Although Bose claims 6 hours but we have observed even 8 hours of playback time on a single charge.

Comes with 12 months of manufacturer warranty


  • Crystal clear sound
  • Premium build quality
  • Water and Dust proof
  • Tear resistant strap
  • Proportionate size
  • Inbuild Mic


  • No Aux port
Verdict: If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with crystal clear sound, beautiful design specially for trekking, sports, hiking etc., you can go for this one. You can never go wrong with Bose when it comes to sound and it’s been one of the best sound Bluetooth speakers without a doubt.

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2. JBL Flip 5

  • IPX7 sweatproof/waterproof
  • 540 gm weight
  • 12 hours Battery
  • Durable design
  • Party Boost feature

JBL is one of the popular brands when it comes to providing portable bluetooth speakers for daily use.

With 20W sound output JBL Flip gives power packed performance in a compact design. There are so many color options to choose from.

Offering these many features, JBL Flip 5 has found a place in our list of Best Portable Bluetooth speakers under 10000/- rupees in India.

Sound Quality
JBL Flip 5 gives you the punchy bass with balanced mids and highs. The party boost button helps you to connect multiple JBL Flip devices to create a party like environment.

The extra bass doesn’t disturb the vocals here, overall it gives you a very rich listening experience.

Build & Design
JBL Flip 5 is a water proof design with IPX7 rating.

This round shaped speaker looks great in your living area.

The weight is approximately 540 gm.

One of the best thing about this product is the number of colors it offers. You much check out the colors.

One full charge can survive upto 12 hours of play back. So next time when you plan your travel you can rely on this device.

One of the important reasons to include this device in our Top 7 best Wireless speakers is the battery it offers.

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JBL provides 12 months warranty in India.


  • Superb Sound quality
  • Deep bass
  • Water proof
  • 12 hours battery
  • Party Boost feature
  • 11 colors to choose from
  • 100 feet Bluetooth range


  • No Mic
  • No 3.5 mm jack
Verdict: If you want a Bluetooth speaker with great battery, deep bass and excellent Bluetooth range just go for JBL Flip 5, assuming you don’t necessarily require to take calls using this.

3. Sony SRS-XB30/LC-IN5

  • Extra Bass
  • Multicolored line light and flashing strobe
  • One-touch listening
  • 23 Hours Battery Life
  • Build in power bank
  • Multi device connectivity
  • Light and compact design
  • IPX5 – water resistant
  • 1.4 Kg weight
  • 12 months warranty

Sony SRS-XB30 is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers out there under 10,000 rupees from Sony.

With premium features like one touch NFC it produces great sound and comes really for a small get together party.

It has got built mic for call handling and acts as a power bank when required.

Sound Quality
This device comes with Extra bass feature. Bass is quite punchy and not boomy. It covers the frequency range of 20 Hz–20,000 Hz, which is actually impressive.

With a balanced mids and highs, Sony SRS-XB30 gives you that kick while listening to your favorite tracks (specially EDM)

Build & Design
The build looks premium and design is IPX5 rated which makes it water resistant.

The flashing strobe gives you that party feeling.

The weight of this device is 1.4 kg.

One of the crucial factors that makes this portable device one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers under Rs 10,000 is it’s battery. One full charge can give up to 24 hours of playback time.

Even you can use Sony SRS-XB30 as a power bank whenever you need to charge your mobile.

EDM Beast
If you are an EDM lover this device will be your great companion.

The punch it produces is excellent.

The flashy lights makes it look very trendy when doing a party in those late evenings.

This comes with a warranty of 12 months.


  • Extra Bass
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Built-in mic
  • IPX5 – water resistant
  • Multi device connectivity
  • Up to 24 hours battery
  • Inbuilt Power Bank
  • Flash strobe
  • Multiple speakers connectivity
  • One touch listening


  • Relatively heavy (1.4 kg)
Verdict: For the bass lovers, this battery beast is an excellent choice. Whether you want to carry this along during your travel or for a casual listening in your living room for an evening party, Sony SRS-XB30 works like a charm.

4. Anker Soundcore (16 W, 360 Degree IPX7 Waterproof)

  • Refined and clear sound
  • 360 degree Sound
  • 16 W
  • Dual drivers
  • Deep Bass
  • 408 gm
  • 10 hours playback
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • 18 months warranty

Anker Soundcore is one of the premium products from Anker. It looks really fashionable with its fabric finish on the outside.

This portable speaker has been really popular for it’s power packed performance in such a reasonable price.

It’s not very known in India but quality of sound this device produces has won many hearts oversees.

It won’t be fair to not to include this one in our list of best portable Bluetooth speakers under 10,000/- price segment.

Sound Quality
The bass is very clean and deep while listening to bass boosted songs.

The mid frequencies and highs are also crystal clear and we found no issues while listening to those high pitched songs.

16W RMS gives you enough loudness for it’s size and dual drivers gives you a feel of surround sound which is great while watching a movie.

Build & Design

It has look of fabric on the outside and looks very premium and classy.

IPX7 makes this device water proof so you can listen to your music while it rains.

The strap provided comes handy while carrying this little champ.

The buttons are mounted on the top.

The weight of this device is 408 gm.

The battery back up of this device is approximately 10 hours.

Anker Soundcore has bass up technology that boosts the lower frequencies to give you the deep bass effect and the design is also water submersible.

It can be kept under the water for 30 minutes provided that the depth is 1 meter.

This comes with a warranty of 18 months.


  • Great surround sound
  • Good Battery (10 hours)
  • Deep Bass
  • IPX7 Water proof
  • Classic fabric look


  • No in built mic
  • No 3.5 mm jack
Verdict: If you are looking for wireless portable speaker with classic looks, excellent sound and deep bass you might want to consider this one.

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5. 1MORE Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • 35W Output
  • Woofer + Twitter
  • Mono/Stereo mode
  • Inbuilt Mic
  • 12 hours battery
  • IPX4 Water resistant
  • Smart Power Saving mode
  • Dynamic Range Control & EQ Tuning
  • 3.5 mm jack for wired streaming
  • 12 months manufacturer’s warranty

1MORE needs no introduction while talking about sound devices. This brand is famous for it’s unconventional designs and out of the box product features.

This portable speaker from 1MORE is really powerful for it’s size. It gives a clear sound with deep bass effect from it’s woofer.

The buttons are placed on the side panel and are convenient to operate.

Sound Quality
With 35W RMS this portable speakers gives deep bass effect and produces clear mid and high frequency music.

There is an arrangement of Woofer and a separate twitter in this small gem. So that you get your sound right in all ranges.

You can choose between mono or stereo mode as per your mood.

Build & Design
The look and feel is as if you are handling a small device made of soft cloth.

IPX4 rating makes this device water resistant.

It’s very light and portable. The weight is just 268 gm.

This can also be connected with other Bluetooth speaker.

Strap is there for carrying it conveniently.

The battery lasts for good 12 hours on a single charge.

The 0.75″ Tweeter & 3.3″ woofer is a good combination with digital signal processing technology to produce a full range sound.

This portable device can also be used for wired music streaming with the help of 3.5 mm jack .

This comes with a warranty of 12 months.


  • Excellent sound (DSP technology)
  • Woofer & Twitter
  • Good Battery (12hours)
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Light weight (268 gm)
  • Water resistant (IPX4)
  • Mic for calls
  • Nice cloth finish
  • Truly portable


  • Not many color options
Verdict: For a person looking for a small, easy to carry premium portable Bluetooth speaker with great sound and design 1MORE is a great choice.

6. Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Bluetooth Speakers

  • 360 degree Sound
  • Deep Bass
  • Dual drivers
  • Deep Bass
  • 544 gm
  • 15 hours playback
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • 24 months warranty

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 is another great portable speaker with 360 degree sound. Talking about design and features this device has got a good balance of both.

You can take calls using this or give commands to play your favorite music as it has got inbuilt microphone.

Sound Quality
The sound produced by 45 mm dual drivers is quite loud and you will be surprised by the loudness for it’s size and price.

Sound is not only loud but clear too, the bass is deep and although it does get distorted at peak volume, the speaker is capable to deliver all notes in the music very clearly at quite high volume.

The sound is 25% more louder than it’s previous model.

Build and Design
It has got cylindrical shape with buttons on the circular surface. IPX7 rating makes this device a completer water proof design and not just water resistant.

The weight of the product is 544 gm. The design and color options are really trendy to carry.

On a single charge this portable speaker can survive for 15 long hours.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 can be connected to 6 Bluetooth enabled devices.
It can be connected to more than 150 similar speakers to create a musical chain and boost the party effect.

Although this number of device connectivity is not practical we can always connect 2 or more devices with each other to play music where we want.

UE app comes with this device and you can use that app to control the device using your mobile device.

The warranty Ultimate Ears provides is 24 months.


  • Great 360 degree sound
  • Deep Bass
  • Good Battery (15 hours)
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Water proof (IPX7)
  • Mic for calls
  • UE app


  • Intermittent software glitches sometimes (voice commands)
Verdict: If you are looking for an all purpose portable speaker with great sound and trendy looks, you can consider UE Boom2.

7. Sony SRS-XB32

Sony SRS-XB32 is the another model from Sony that got a place in our list of best Portable Bluetooth speakers under Rs 10,000/- in India.

It comes with lot of premium features and is very practical product from Sony.

Sound Quality
The extra bass it offers is just mind blowing. You get the stereo sound effect very prominently.

It has got 3 different sound modes. Extra Bass, Normal and Live. Overall sound quality is pretty good and you can tune it using equalizer in the app provided by Sony.

The loudness is above average and can fill a small room easily.

Build & Design
The build is quite sturdy and gives a confidence to use it in a rough manner.

As it’s water proof and dust proof, there is not problem in washing this and can also be used in beach parties.

The lightening effect it produces is also great and doesn’t look like cheap flashlights. These party lights can easily cheer up your evening mood along with crystal clear music by this little champ.

The weight of this device is around 898 g.

One of the best part about SRS-XB32 is it’s battery. On a single charge this portable speaker can play your things for 24 hours.

It can also be used as a power bank to charge your mobile in case of emergency. So basically with all these features this can be your ideal partner when going for that difficult treks or those adventurous hikes.

The battery is well insulated by IPX6 so that it doesn’t get damaged even when your kid put this speaker in a swimming pool.

It can also be connected by NFC. You can place this speaker horizontally or vertically it’s up to you. It stands in both positions conveniently because of it’s shape.

You can control this portable speaker using Fiestable app on your mobile device.
Multiple devices can be connected to make that party chain.

It comes with a warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase


  • Great Stereo sound
  • Bass booster
  • 3 listening modes
  • Excellent Battery (24 hours)
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Water proof (IPX6)
  • Mic for calls
  • Fiestable App Control
  • Party lights
  • Inbuilt Power Bank


  • No USB type c support
Verdict: This portable speaker from Sony is an all rounder in it’s segment. If you want great sound, inbuilt power bank, sturdy finish with an excellent sound you can’t go wrong with SRS-XB32.

All the above mentioned products are thoroughly researched along with others in the same segment and only after considering the real time experiences on a larger scale the same have been included in the list of Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 10000/- rupees in India.

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